Pratt & Lambert Paints

Since its founding over 150 years ago, Pratt & Lambert® has stood for quality, leadership and innovation in the paint industry.

Pratt & Lambert® opened for business back in 1849 in Buffalo, NY with a product that dried linseed oil paint. Soon afterward, the company grew and established itself as a quality paint producer. In 1908, it opened its industrial research laboratory dedicated to developing new products and ensuring quality control.

Throughout the years, the Pratt & Lambert® name has been associated with high quality. In the 1930s it was recognized for making the finest, most durable alkyd (oil-based) products. In the 1950s the focus was on developing latex (water-based) products. During this time, Pratt & Lambert® also distinguished itself as the color leader in the paint industry with innovative calibration methods used to coordinate color schemes.

By constantly monitoring emerging technologies and raw materials, Pratt & Lambert® continued to develop top-of-the-line paint products. In 1980, it introduced premium Accolade™ brand paint. Accolade™ won recognition for its superior performance in the 1990s when a leading consumer testing organization called it “the best performing latex paint in the market today.”

In 1999, Pratt & Lambert® celebrated its 150th anniversary, marking more than a century of providing the finest paint products to the marketplace, with a renewed commitment to dealers, contractors and consumers. When it comes to quality, “Never compromise™”